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The “D” Word – How do I tell my Spouse?

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Here’s some advise as to what you need to do: –

Step One
Compose and Prepare yourself.
What do I tell my spouse.
How do I tell why I want a divorce.

Step Two
Prepare your speech.
What do I say, how do I begin.

Step Three
Look at your speech again. Is it enough?
Does it convey how and what you are feeling and
Why you want a divorce?

Step Four
How do I start?
Do I choose a date for a discussion?
Or do I send an email /what’s app / text message ?

Step Five
When is the right time?

Step Six
How do I handle the situation when my spouse reacts adversely?

  • Rule No. 1: Do not be defensive, let him/her speak.
  • Rule No. 2: Listen and don`t interrupt.
  • Rule No. 3: Suggest parties attend marriage counselling.
  • Rule No. 4: Respond with these points: –
    • Our marriage has broken down.
    • We need to reach an amicable resolution as :-
      • it’s in the best interest for the children not to see the parents in conflict; or
      • it’s in the best interest of parties to avoid conflict.
    • Any discussion is to be future-focused.
    • You seek resolution through an effective costs-saving process.

If in doubt, you might consider a Divorce coach and/or a Specialist Family Lawyer.