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Divorce Coaching-Are you in need of one?

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Whenever we speak of divorce, the images of a quarrelsome couple, upset children, a broken home and all sorts of other nasty things surfaced. For those who are going through a divorce, these images are not only real; they are there 24/7 to haunt them. The feelings of helplessness, anxiety and sadness can also overwhelm them.

For most cases, a divorce coach is pretty much like a life coach. A personal divorce coach helps you to tailor-make a case plan, build self-confidence and teach you valuable communication methods to help you talk with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Here are some of the services that a divorce coach offers:

1. Pre-Legal Advice
If you are not ready to hire a divorce lawyer, it will help you to hire a divorce coach who is trained to guide you through the myriad of emotions and issues involved in times ahead. If you hire a divorce coach who is also a practising Singapore divorce lawyer, you gain the advantage of having a legally-trained coach who can help you with pre-legal advice.

2. Objective Support
A divorce coach offers objective viewpoints and provides support to you as a “thinking partner”. While you may have the support of your family and friends, you may not fully agree with what they have in mind. Sometimes, conflicts with your family and friends over such disagreements toward your divorce can give you more stress instead of support. A divorce coach gives you an objective overview of your case, helps you to find out what you truly want out of the divorce, and hand-hold you through your decision-making process. As a neutral third-party, your divorce coach will highlight pitfalls which you may not see otherwise.

3. Paperwork Organisation
Divorce is hard on its own and the paperwork that revolves around it makes it even harder. A divorce coach can solve that problem for you. In a contested divorce, such paperwork is extremely important as it serves as “evidence” to support your statements. In an amicable divorce, paperwork serves as the bridge between you, your spouse and the court to dissolve the marriage in the easiest way possible.

If you are considering divorce but not ready to hire a lawyer as yet, consider a divorce coach instead.