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Considering Divorce: Should You Stay or Go?


Most people who consider filing for divorce often grapple with consequences that will arise from their decision to end their marriage and the possible lifetime ramifications. Marital issues, hurt in a relationship and annoyance does not always lead to a break up.

Usually, the lack of connection is further enhanced by betrayal or infidelity of one or both parties, and the bond between the couple is broken. When a relationship hangs on the edge of dissolution, the way the couple go about making the “right” choice for their marriage is the deciding factor of staying or leaving.

When you consider getting a divorce, you need to be very clear about the reasons why you want to end the marriage. This is a life-altering decision that involves not only you and your spouse; it also affects your children and your extended family. In some ways, it also affects your friendships.

Here are some issues you need to address before approaching a top divorce lawyer to discuss the divorce process in Singapore.

Anger is not always a straight forward emotion. Sometimes, anger hides other emotions such as fear, sadness or pain. These emotions tend to hide themselves deep within you and manifest as anger instead. Therefore, be sure to explore your own emotions whenever you are angry with your spouse. Find out if there are any hidden emotions buried within you. If anger management is a problem between you and your spouse, both of you can consider seeking a Family Counsellor to work things out.

If things still do not work out after marriage counselling, both of you might want to speak with an experienced matrimonial lawyer who is certified to handle collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce is a form of dispute resolution that allows couples to resolve conflicts and settle their differences through cooperative techniques and negotiation without going through long and costly litigation. This process gives couples greater control over the divorce process and their mutually agreed decisions. A Singapore divorce lawyer who can handle a collaborative divorce is also someone who is trained in mediation and hence is the best adviser you can have.

There are two kinds of fear. The first kind is one in which a party is embroiled in an abusive marriage. The fear of revenge from the abusive spouse prevents the abused party from seeking help from the police and a family lawyer. If you are in such a situation, remind yourself that you are able to control your life. Take a small step towards your freedom by approaching an experienced family lawyer to understand the grounds for divorce in Singapore. A matrimonial lawyer will be able to explain the divorce process in Singapore and take you through the different types of divorces as well as your rights to child custody, child maintenance, spousal maintenance and division of matrimonial assets. In such cases, the divorce proceeding is likely to be contested and might be long.

Seeking advice from a specialist divorce lawyer is the first step to a better life for you and your children. The second kind of fear is one in which a party is fearful of the consequence