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5 Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy During the Holidays

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The end year major school holiday is upon us, and many parents are getting ready to meet the challenge of keeping the kids entertained while trying to stop them from getting into mischief. While it is likely the most trying time for parents, it is great fun to spend time with the children when they are not stressed out with school and examinations.

The biggest challenge is to keep your kids healthy during the holidays. It is tempting to let your children stay up late, snack on all kinds of unhealthy food and let them play on the computer all day long. However, these activities might end up making the kids sick and miss out on other exciting events.

We have five tips for you on how to keep your children healthy during the holidays.

1. Keep the children’s regular bedtime
It is tempting to say yes to your children’s pleads to allow them to stay up later during the holidays, but it is counterproductive and is likely to make them sick in the long run. Make a plan that ends the day on your children’s regular bedtime and stay with it. Convince your children by making sure that the rest of the day is filled with activities that will keep them tired and always plan something exciting to do for the first activity on the next morning.

2. Give them plenty of fruits as snack
Snacking does not have to be bad. Give your kids plenty of fruits that are easy to eat such as bananas, apples, oranges or berries so that they have their vitamin C intake. These fruits are also a great alternative to junk food and keep your kids from developing the nasty flu.

3. Give them honey
To aid in soothing the throat from all the excited shouts and screams, give your children honey water every week to reduce the potential sore throats and inflammation that may pop up during the holidays. Honey is a good substitute for sugar as well, so if your kids are fond of particular food that contains lots of sugar, giving them honey will help to reduce their cravings for sugary food too.

4. Plan for the great outdoors
While the weather is not always cooperative, try to go into the great outdoors whenever you can. There are many benefits to bring your children to play in outdoor playgrounds or heading to the beach for a day of fun. Besides the reduced cost of most outdoor activities, your children have space to run and take in fresh air and sunshine. You benefit from it too, and your wallet can have a rest from all the spending you have to do indoors.

5. Keep good hygiene
Watch out for your children’s hygiene habits during the holidays. It is common for children to forget about washing their hands or taking a much-needed shower while having fun; therefore, as parents, it is vital for you to take note and remind them to keep up with their regular good hygiene habits.  These habits will keep the germs away and protect them from falling sick.