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6 Events that you must go with your children in February


February 2018 is an exciting time for many children as the Chinese New Year is happening on 16 February this year. For the ethnic Chinese, it means lots of food, gathering with the family and plenty of ang pows (red packets from adults to bless the children for the new year). For the other ethnic groups, it meant a few days of public holidays and invitations from their Chinese friends to sample good food and great company!

Most of the events for February are, therefore, somewhat connected to Chinese New Year. However, fret not, for we found some other exciting events in February too!

1. Art from the Street
Singapore does not allow random graffiti on public walls, so children do not get to see street art all that often. If you hope to inspire the little artist at home, why not bring him or her to the ArtScience Museum to see the on-going exhibition, “Art from the Street”. It features some of the world’s most iconic street artists of this generation, and each piece strives to inspire different impressions and feelings in the viewer. Children who are interested in art should have a chance to view this multi-cultural exhibition.

Dates: Now until 3 June 2018
Venue: ArtScience Museum

2. Treasure of the Natural World
If you are not aware, the Natural History Museum London has teamed up with ArtScience Museum to showcase an excellent collection of the most significant treasures in the natural world. Over 200 curated objects from the Natural History Museum London are on display in the ArtScience Museum right now. Featured in this exhibition are scientific specimens and animals from the natural world, gems, minerals and even the manuscript and collection belonging to Charles Darwin. Curious young minds will benefit from this exhibition and learn much about the natural world as we know it.

Dates: Now until 29 April 2018
Venue: ArtScience Museum

3. Chingay Parade
Chingay gets everyone excited, from the young to the old. If you think that Chingay is a celebration for Chinese New Year, then you are mistaken. Chingay Parade falls in February every year, and it sometimes coincides with Chinese New Year, but not always. It is, in fact, an event that captures the essence of Singapore’s multicultural society and our harmony living together as one people. It is the most extensive street performance and float parade in Asia today, and we should be proud of the long way that we have come. Bring your children and join in the fun as the Chingay Parade either at the city centre or in the heartlands.

Dates: 23 February to 24 February 2018
Venue: Starting from the original F1 Pit Building to the Marina Bay floating platforms; various heartlands areas such as New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street

4. Festive Street Bazaar
As mentioned above, February is often accompanied by the arrival of the Chinese New Year. During the festive season, you will find a large street bazaar in Chinatown selling wares and goodies for the festival. Look forward to Chinese New Year delicacies, shop for traditional decorative items, and enjoy the lights and decorations set up by the various stores. Bring the children to experience the bazaar and let them enjoy the atmosphere, decorations and immense in the festival.

Dates: Now until 15 February
Venue: Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street
Time: 6 pm to 10.30 pm (Daily); 6 pm to 1 am (15 February only)

5. Chinatown Wishing Tree
Bring your children down to Chinatown Point for a meaningful activity and do your part for charity. The Chinatown Wishing Tree is meant to signify good fortunes, and grants wishes to you and your family. Let the children buy a wishing card at $2 each and pen down their wishes for themselves and the family for the new year before hanging the cards on the banyan tree. All proceeds go to the Kreta Ayer Seniors’ Activity Centre to bring festive cheers to the less fortunate. At the same time, it is an excellent way to teach your children about compassion towards the needy.

Dates: 26 January to 15 February
Venue: Chinatown Point

6. The River Hongbao
Lastly, there is the River Hongbao! What is Chinese New Year without the famous River Hongbao? Started in 1987, this event has graced our shores every year during the Chinese New Year. This year, it will, once again, be held at the Marina Bay floating platform. This festival is a great way for children to understand the Chinese culture and enjoy the lights, fringe performances and of course, food. The best part? There will be daily fireworks happening throughout, so pack your children and head down to the River Hongbao when it opens!

Dates: 14 February to 24 February
Venue: Marina Bay Floating Platform