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Searching for the Right Prices – Discounts are Everywhere!


Searching for the right prices – Discounts are everywhere!
Being a single parent imbues a person with lots of super powers – he or she is often the listener, the comforter and the financial expert at home. Single parents know the importance of spending wisely, without being completely stingy. The skills that one can learn as a single parent are numerous and searching for the right prices is definitely one of them. If you are struggling right now with your finances, fret not. You will soon become an expert at them. In the meanwhile, let us help you with the tips below.

Searching for the right prices does not mean that you have to run from places to places. There are certain tools which you can use to bring down your daily expenses.

1) Use your children’s student card
If you have schooling children, check out stores and eateries that offer discounts to students. Oftentimes, this could mean that you save a few dollars every time you buy stuff from these stores and eateries. Do not be afraid to ask the stores that you frequent if there are any student deals. When you ask, you might get a pleasant surprise!

2) Apply for free reward programs cards at stores
Most stores nowadays have reward programs cards which are used to entice shoppers to return for more. Some of these need to be applied so watch out for such programs and apply for these cards, especially at stores which you would frequent. These reward programs offers freebies and/or discounts after you have collected certain number of points. Remember to always use the card for the reward points whenever you shop there so that these points can become your saving grace in a month where you need it most.

3) Make good use of bank rebates with your credit card
Stores in Singapore often linked up with banks to offer discount or rebates to consumers. Check out the different cards available in the market and choose credit cards based on what they can offer you. Get a card that give you the most rebates or discount at places which you would shop often. For example, POSB Everyday gives you rebates at major supermarkets and also Watsons during its sales period. Make good use of these rebates to save big.

4) Membership cards
Some stores offers free membership cards to you, at other stores, you might need to pay a small fee to join. Nonetheless, read the small prints and opt in for membership at the stores which you frequent. Some of these memberships offer free items; others offer discounts. For example, if you have schooling children, it makes sense to pay the small fee for Popular’s membership card. It also offers a student card, so sign up using your children’s name and get the student membership card at a cheaper rate. Discount at Popular remains the same no matter which discount card you use.

6) Ask
It is always a good idea to ask for discounts. The power of negotiation goes a long way towards getting a cheaper price for something that you need. This is especially true when you are heading to the market to buy food or groceries. Marketplaces are the best places to bargain for a good price, so do not be afraid to ask and do be persistent about the prices that you are going to pay for a good. Of course, do be reasonable and do not ask the stall owner to sell you their goods at ridiculously low prices.

7) Clearance sales
Clearance sales are the best places to get clothes, bedding, kitchen goods, furniture and even cosmetics. Stores offer clearance sales now and then, so keep your eyes out for these sales to fully maximum your dollar the best way you can. You could even bag really good deals like a one for one deal that can last you till the next clearance sales comes along.

We hope that these tips will help you to become a financial expert in discounts and all things cheaper! Stay tune for more!