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How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce in Singapore

preparing for divorce in singapore

If you believe that divorce is in your future, it’s better to start preparing yourself sooner rather than later. As with any journey, you’ll have a smoother, more peaceful experience if you organize well in advance. Here are five tips to start getting ready.

Start thinking about your goals.

Yes, you want a divorce–but how do you envision the Singapore divorce process? How do you envision your post-divorce life? Start thinking realistically about how you want the next year or so to proceed, and where you want to be after the divorce is complete. If you wish for an amicable or quick divorce, you need to consider the best steps you can take to achieve that objective.

If you aim to keep your house, maintain custody of your children, or leave the country, then you need to learn whether these desires will be feasible. Take the time to write down your goals and wishes. When the time comes, this information will be useful for your divorce attorney. Do you want the best divorce lawyer for your case?

Learn your financial picture

You need to have a clear view of your family finances to get a fair settlement. Start collecting the relevant financial documents as soon as possible. For an accurate financial picture, gather your notice of assessment in the past 3-5 years, CPF statements, pay stubs, real estate deeds, and more. You’ll also want to create a budget for your current needs and a realistic estimated budget for your post-divorce life.

Consider your children’s needs.

Divorce can come as a shock for children of any age, but when the separation is handled well, they can thrive in post-divorce life. As you prepare for divorce, think about what you can do to smooth their path. Might they benefit from a therapist or a support group? How can you give them the reassurance and security that they need? Speak with a therapist or other parents to glean tips on how to make life easier for your child during this challenging time.

Get a handle on your emotions.

There’s no getting away from the emotions that come with divorce. But if you let your feelings guide your decisions, you’re almost certain to create a lengthier, more contentious, and more expensive process. Before you get the ball rolling, find a therapist, divorce coach, or support group who can help you manage your feelings through the process, and remind you to keep your eyes on the big picture.

Start putting a team together.

Naturally, you’ll need a top Singapore divorce lawyer to guide you through your divorce. Consider your options carefully and select professionals who are both well-experienced and who feel like a good fit in terms of working style and personality.