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How Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer Can Ease The Divorce Process

finding good divorce lawyer

Having to go through a divorce is probably the most stressful event in any one`s life.

Divorce proceedings cover many complex and contentious issues, particularly under the areas of children, care and control and financial remedies.

Dealing with the initial stages of divorce, negotiating and mediating agreements, long-term co-parenting commitments and emotional closure creates many challenges. This can be overwhelming when dealing with the totality of all the issues at once.

Whose decision it is to file for divorce can also be an emotional boiling point as the spouse who files first would have had more time to prepare their case.

So how does this impact one’s ability to choose a good lawyer? You as the potential client need to assess what constitutes a “good divorce lawyer

By this stage, you might find yourself in a rattled state of mind. Therefore, finding a good divorce lawyer to assist you in managing the emotions of your divorce, a step in the right direction.

Possible pitfalls of The “Pitbull Lawyer”
Turning to revenge, punishment and/or aggression is both an unconscious and a conscious decision many clients make. With high emotions left unchecked and running high, you are susceptible to being influenced by a bullish/pitbull lawyer, claiming that your case is a “sure winner” or “we’ll go all out”.

This type of lawyer is allergic to settlement discussions and solely focused on going to court as the only option. Why? Because they may just be generalist lawyers who have not been trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques. Whether you like it or not, your divorce case will be directed to compulsory mediation. Is your chosen divorce lawyer a family trained mediator?

Meet with the right lawyer
It is important to be an equal participant in these meetings. Being passive will not let your lawyers see the whole picture. You need a specialist divorce lawyer who exemplifies ethics, knowledge, skill and cares about your situation. Your first interview will allow you to assess your compatibility with your lawyer. Simple question is, do you feel comfortable in the presence of this professional?

Online search
Do your due diligence by searching for specialist divorce lawyers on-line. Check out their websites, qualifications, and endorsements. We highly recommend you not to go down the path of searching for “cheap divorce lawyers”.

Beware of firms boasting awards, such as “top divorce lawyers” or “family law firm of the year”. These paid, yes, pay for advertising awards look very impressive and project a perceived authority, but not necessarily reflect their actual professional ability and expertise.

You need is a family law firm with well-trained divorce lawyers who possess accreditations as:

  • Family Mediators
  • Collaborative Family Practice Lawyers
  • Parenting Coordination Lawyers, and
  • Child Representative Lawyers

Divorce lawyers within the Family Mediation training and accreditation framework have undertaken advanced and often costly further studies to maintain a high level in the area of divorce law. Such accreditation demonstrates a very high level of commitment and expertise in matters of;

  • Divorce,
  • Separation,
  • Property Settlements,
  • and Child-Related Issues.