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Dissolution of Marriage – Seeking an Uncontested Divorce

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Karen had been married for the past five years and was becoming increasingly frustrated with her husband’s avoidance of discussing divorce.

She had researched online and found out that an uncontested divorce in Singapore was relatively straightforward. Yet, he shied away from the conversation each time she brought it up like a scared rabbit.

When Karen attempted to discuss it further one day, her husband said something that struck her:

“Divorce is not an option here; we have too much at stake.”

Those words left Karen feeling confused and angry; how could they possibly be considering their future together when they were unable to even talk about the present?

Karen decided to take matters into her own hands, so she booked an appointment with a family lawyer who specialised in divorce law. The lawyer listened attentively as Karen explained the situation before offering sound advice – namely, that if both parties agreed on getting divorced, there would be no issue.

However, if one party disagreed, things could get complicated as only one spouse can file for a divorce in Singapore. So the crucial question becomes, who files for divorce first? Divorce in Singapore is usually fault-based.

With this newfound knowledge, Karen knew what she needed to do next – confront her husband again. This time around, though, instead of discussing it casually over dinner or during their walk home from work – which almost always ended with him avoiding the topic altogether – she went straight for his weak spot:


She explained how filing for an uncontested divorce would save them money and preserve their privacy and the dignity of the family by amicably ending their marriage.

What are the issues that you should address during an uncontested divorce?

Division of Matrimonial Assets

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when getting an uncontested divorce in Singapore. It involves allocating ownership rights to marital assets, such as real estate and other investments.

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Child Custody Rights

If there are children involved, both parents must devise a parenting plan that outlines how they will share custody and visitation rights.

It includes deciding who will make decisions about health care, education, and religious upbringing on behalf of the child or children. A parenting plan should also address each parent’s financial obligations towards their child or children.

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Maintenance Payments

Depending on your situation, you may need to address maintenance payments for your spouse and children upon getting an uncontested divorce in Singapore. It could mean regular payments for spousal and child support or a lump sum payment for maintenance or property settlement.

You may also need to adjust existing maintenance payments for your children if circumstances have changed since the initial agreement was made.

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An uncontested divorce in Singapore can be fairly straightforward if both parties can agree on these common issues – the division of marital assets, child custody rights and maintenance payments – before filing paperwork with the Family Court of Singapore.

Remember that you should seek legal representation from a Singapore divorce lawyer during this process. Doing so can help ensure everyone involved is taken care of following a simplified uncontested divorce in Singapore.