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Considering Divorce as a New Year’s Resolution?

divorce month

In Singapore, January is often referred to as “Divorce Month.” But why? There are many reasons, and the phenomenon is a long-standing one observed in other countries.

Let’s take a closer look at why this occurs and what it means for those considering divorce.

The Holidays Are Over

For many families, the holidays are a time of family togetherness. But unfortunately, this can be a challenging time for couples who have grown apart or been having trouble in their marriage.

After the holidays and the children go back to school, couples may decide that it is time to end their relationship. It could be that they simply don’t want to break up during the holidays out of respect for their family or because it would create too much tension during what should be a festive season.

Whatever the reason, January marks a natural transition period after the holidays when couples can make decisions about their future without being influenced by outside factors such as family gatherings or holiday traditions.

There Is Time To Think

January also marks the start of a new year – with plenty of possibilities ahead. This atmosphere of new beginnings can give couples an added push if they have already been considering divorce but have yet to have enough motivation to take action until now.

It also provides extra time for reflection since many workplaces close down for Chinese New Year, which usually falls in February each year for people living in Singapore.

It gives them much-needed space and peace of mind to contemplate life-changing decisions like a divorce without feeling rushed or pressured into making any hasty choices.

Some Factors that may increase the wait time for divorce

The family assets are of High-value.

It is not uncommon for couples to dispute the ownership of the marital home/assets during a high-net-worth divorce. Where a significant amount of wealth is at stake, the divorce process typically takes longer to come to a resolution.

Contested child-related issues.

Both spouses are subject to adversarial legal proceedings when a divorce becomes contested. In cases where negotiations fail, the court will direct the parties to mediation.

Hostility between spouses.

A couple on hostile terms will take longer to obtain a divorce in a contested divorce. Aside from high emotions between unfriendly spouses, court battles can be frequent and intense. As a result, divorce proceedings will be more time-consuming.

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January’s status as “Divorce Month” may come down to any combination of personal and financial considerations discussed above – but whatever you decide about your marriage, it’s crucial not to rush into anything without first taking some time out and carefully weighing your options from all angles before deciding what’s best for you and your family going forward.

Whether you decide to go through with it or not, you should seek professional guidance from lawyers specialising in family law so that you can understand all your options before making any decisions about your future together or apart.