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Discover the 5 Reasons why a University Degree no Longer means Success today

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If you are born in the 1980s and 1990s, you would have heard your parents telling you that having a university degree means success because you can get a great job with a high pay and be on your way to be the rich person that they always hope you will be.

However, the sad fact is that this is no longer true. Why is that so? Let us share the 5 reasons why a university degree today is a commodity that means nothing more than the fact that you spend time and money to pursue it.

1) University degrees are no longer rare

A university degree is only valuable when it is rare. In Singapore today, 1 in 2 secondary school students will eventually graduate with a university degree according to Singstats. With the high number of graduates walking in the streets of Singapore nowadays, having a university degree is no longer a prestige that it once was.

2) Employers want motivated staff

In the competitive world that we are in today, employers focus on their bottom lines more than they should when it comes to nurturing young talents. Hence, employers want university graduates who know what they want to do. That translates to motivated staffs who will do what it takes to achieve that they want. Therefore, just having a degree means nothing, but differentiating yourself among other university graduates by showcasing that you know what you want can propel you to success.

3) Employers want relevant knowledge

A general degree is likely not going to get you anywhere. Therefore, you must know which sector you are keen to go into even before you enter university. Going for a relevant degree that is suitable for the industry that you want to enter is crucial for you to eventually get what you want. The relevant knowledge that you amassed during your university days will help you to open the door to the industry.

4) University degrees need to be paired with multiple internships

Employers always look for experience, even in fresh university graduates. That is why having multiple internship is so important to you. Working in a real company with an actual boss expose you to the working world, helping you to experience the ins and outs of what it means to be working. In addition, the working experience you gathered will be helpful to you when you graduate and apply for jobs. Potential employers who are looking for relevant experience will give your resume a second glance and perhaps call you up for an interview. Another advantage of getting multiple internship is the likelihood that the company you intern with like you so much that they offer you a full-time position when you graduate. That will save you a lot of hassle and also a fast track to success within the company.

5) University degrees work better when you know the right people in the industry

Unfortunately, a good university degree no longer open doors the way they used to. In today’s world, who you know is more important than what you know. Therefore, network yourself so that you know everyone worth knowing. Be genuine and invest in building relationships with people in the industry that you want to work in. This is especially crucial during your internship. By knowing the right people, they can open doors that you never would be able to reach on your own.