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6 Ways for your Child to Start the School Year Right

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The first school month has passed by swiftly and with it, the “honeymoon period” of your child’s school life has officially passed. It is time to buckle down and do the right things so that your child will not get too stressed up when homework and upcoming tests start piling upon them.

How can we, as parents, help our child to start the actual school year on the right note so that everything runs smoothly from this month forward?

Let us share some tips with you.

Create a routine
Children strive on routines. When you keep your child on a routine, he or she is familiar with the tasks that need to be done. Once familiarity kicks in, your child feels less stress when he or she needs to perform the tasks in time in the morning. Remember that the routine MUST be attainable for you and your child so that everyone in the family can adapt to the routine as soon as possible.

Stick to your routine
Once a consistent routine is set, stick to it. It is crucial to do your best to stick to it even during the most challenging days. Life has a weird way of messing up your routine, so stick to it as best as you can. Fight to stick with the routine that you’ve created for your children. Consistency is critical when it comes to raising children, so keep it up with the routine.

Communicate regularly with the school teacher
Communication is vital if you want your child to have a smooth year ahead. You need to know the schedule and plans of the school, and there is no better way than to communicate directly with the teachers. If the teachers are not available for a call (which they usually are not), email them regularly to find out how your child is doing and if there is anything that you need to take note. Highlight any problems at home to the teachers so that they are aware of what your child is going through. You can also email the teachers to find out how your child is doing in school so that you have a good idea of his situation at school.

Help your child to pack his or her school bag the night before

Doing everything that you can the night before can save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress on a school morning. One of the most substantial challenges is packing the school bag. It is vital to be prepared so that the morning will not be filled with hysteria looking for stuff that should be packed the night before. With the school bag packed the night before, you leave time to have a proper breakfast and even have a little chat with your child before it is time to leave for school and work.

Talk to your child before school as a form of encouragement
If it is possible, have a daily talk with your child before school every morning. Spend at least 30 minutes to encourage your child, find out what he or she likes in class, and to understand his or her passion. It is also an excellent way to match what your child says and what the teachers say in school.

Get up earlier than your child does
We know this is tougher than any of the above but trust us, it is worth it. Your child mirrors after you, so it makes sense that you are a prepared parent in front of your child. The reason why you should wake earlier is that you can prepare the necessary things, such as breakfast, in peace and relative ease. With time on your hand, you can walk through the routine that you set for your child quickly without too much stress.