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Creating Christmas Magic as a Single Parent


Christmas is a time of joy, celebration and giving. It is a time for family gatherings and parties. However, Christmas can be a painful time for single parents who did not choose to be one. Those who are recently divorced are usually the hardest hit as they struggled to control their own emotions that are raw from the divorce and yet try to keep some family traditions for their children. Nevertheless, Christmas does not have to be painful, even if you are newly divorced, because there are ways and means that a single parent can achieved from Christmas that will bring about love, joy, peace and celebration.

The Ways to Enjoy Christmas as a newly divorced Single Parent
If you have young children and they stay with you, Christmas is one of the best times to bond and shower your love freely to all your children. Christmas is always a magical day and as a single parent; you get to experience the magic with your children on a one-on-one experience. If your family have been celebrating Christmas, continue to do so with your children. If your family do not celebrate Christmas, you can consider starting it now.

Decorate the Christmas Tree
If you do not own a Christmas tree, go and buy one. You can choose from the cheap ones from Giant that cost you $29.90 to the expensive ones from Takashimaya that cost you possibly close to $200. The excitement of Christmas normally starts when you begin to decorate the Christmas tree. If you have children, let them help you with the decoration. It is okay if they end up over-decorating the tree. What is important is that both you and your children have a great time together.

Buy Presents
If you have very young children, you may want to leave them with a nanny or your parents before going to shop for presents. As a single parent, you may not have much money to splurge on expensive toys, so stick to practical and useful items instead. For example, if your child wants a bicycle, considering getting him a basic one so that he can learn to bike. Importantly, you have to ensure that the presents are wrapped up nicely so that you can place them under the tree.

The Night before Christmas
The night before Christmas is special for many children because it is the night when Santa Claus visits them to drop off presents under the tree. If your partner had been “Santa” while you were in a relationship, it is now the best time for YOU to experience the joy of being “Santa”. Sneak around your house after the children are asleep to place the presents that you have bought previously under the tree. If the kids have left milk and cookies, make sure you finished the food and leave the plate and glass to be found on Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning
Christmas morning is special because the children get to open their presents! They are bound to be up at the first light so be sure that you are awake too! Share that special moment with your children as they tear the wrapping paper apart to find the gifts that you have prepared for them. Watch their joys and feel the happiness that wells up in you. If you feel up to it, you can prepare a special breakfast for the children. If not, visiting the nearest McDonalds’ for a sinful breakfast also works.

Christmas Lunch
Lunch can be a major affair if you are a good cook. Make sure that you have prepared most of the food beforehand so that you do not need to do a lot for lunch. As a single parent, you get the opportunity to get help from your children so cherish the moment where you get to work alongside your children in the kitchen. However, if you are not a good cook, you can consider ordering some ready-made food for a sumptuous lunch. In fact, there are also ready-meals that you can find in supermarkets which you can just heat it up at home.

After lunch is over, the children might need to spend time with the other parent, so it is officially your time to enjoy Christmas for yourself. If you need to drop off the children, do so and then head out for some “me-time”. This is a perfect time to spend time with your parents because Christmas is all about family. Returning to your family home is a special thing because you get to be the child again. With no obligations to stay home, it is your best chance to spend more time with your parents at their home instead.

You can also meet up with your friends for a shopping spree for deals that are popping up everywhere. If finances do not allow that, you can still go to a movie with your friends. Christmas dinner should not be missed and you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your friends anywhere! When the day is over and you look back at what you have done, you will be glad that you have spent a great day with your children, your family and your friends.