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The 6 Amazing Attractions to Visit with Your Children in Singapore


It is no easy feat to think up ideas on where to bring your kids for a fun-filled outing during the weekends in the small island we call home. Besides the ever-increasing number of shopping malls in Singapore, there seems to be nowhere to bring the children during the weekends. This challenge is amplified if you are divorced and only see your children once a week during visitation hours. Where can you bring your precious children to spend time together and bond with them?

We have curated 6 exciting places for you to bring your children out for fun.

KidZania – Where your children can be anyone they want to be
KidZania is a great place to bring your children aged 4 to 17 to fulfil their dreams of the future. It is a city where children are the leaders and parents are just, well, care attendants! In this city of the future, your children can try their hands at numerous role-play activities to find out if the profession that they wish to engage in the future are really something they like to do. Children can be mountain climbers, news casters, pilots, actors, artists, bankers, dentist, and many more. Your children are sure to have a great time at KidZania. Parents are allowed into the city with their children so it is an excellent opportunity for you to find out what your children want in life, and bond with them over some really important decisions about future careers. It is never too soon to think about your children’s future!

Address: 31 Beach View, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098537

Amazonia – The best indoor ball pit playground
There is a reason why indoor playgrounds are so popular now – they help parents to solve the biggest headache during an outing – expelling the endless energy of their children.  Amazonia is an indoor ball pit playground where you can enter the play area with your children to have fun together, under the context of supervising them. Amazonia houses an abundance of tubes and suspension bridges as well as a large ball pit for your children to “splash their way in”. Above all, it has this really exciting 8-metre-tall wave slide. It is a thrilling ride for your children, and you can come along for the ride if your children need to be supervised on the slide. Aside from the huge indoor playground, there is also two other activities within Amazonia which your children can enjoy. There is a glow in the dark mini golf game in which your children can try to hit a hole in one. If they are not avid golfers, there is always the glow in the dark shooting range where your children can try their hands at becoming a sniper.

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-08, Great World City Mall, Singapore 237994

Splash-N-Surf – the perfect getaway outdoor water playground
Water playgrounds are always the best place to bring your children on a hot, sunny day. Splash-N-Surf is a typical water playground that is built for both the children and their parents in mind. With an easy to navigate play area, it is filled with slides, fountains and sprinklers – something for everyone. Splash-N-Surf is also mindful that very young children might have difficulties with some of the bigger slides, so they build cute little swings for them to sit in. These swings enable the younger children to bounce around in the water – safely. One other great feature here is the Lazy River. Both you and your children can get your own float and drift down the river together for a relaxing time after an action-pack afternoon at the water park.

Address: 1B Stadium Walk, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397690

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – where Nature meets Education
This is a garden which is suitable for your younger children. Located inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens, it is a great place to bring your children for a day of fun and learning. Explore the park together with your children. Walk across a wobbly suspension bridge, climb the treehouse or wander into the hedge maze for some fun. There are also plots of herbs to sniff, plants to identify, and interactive exhibits for your children to learn how plants make food. The best part about this park is the freedom that you have to join your children in all the activities, which make bonding with them so much easier.

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769

Champion Golf – A mini-golf for children
Mini golf is usually played indoors, but the one at Champion Golf is Singapore’s only outdoor mini golf course! If you wish to interest your children with golf and hopes to bond with them at the same time, this is the perfect weekend trip for you. The mini golf course is built with quality astroturf to stimulate the feeling of playing on a real green, and the layout is challenging for both adults and children to enjoy a game of golf. There are also random obstacles which encourage your children to think out of the box. Golfing provides the best opportunity to chat with your children over their problems and concerns. With their attention focus on the game, it is a good chance that they will open up about their fears and concerns more than if you have look them in the eye and ask, “What’s wrong?”

Address: 60 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286966

Kartright Speedway – where F1 drivers are born
If you have older children and they love watching the F1 race, why not bring them down to Kartright Speedway for a taste of driving? This is like a real-life Mario Kart race, so be assured that it is safe for your children. Compete with your children for the race of your life or impress them with the excellent handling of the vehicle. Of course, be prepared to get ridicule if your children happen to be a better racer than you! Whatever the outcome, it is a great experience to enjoy with your children. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your older children and a perfect way to spend a precious day with them.

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Road, #01-05,