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6 Community Parks in Singapore that are Worth Visiting with your Children

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Singapore can be a challenging place to venture out with young children full of energy because of the vast number of shopping malls around us. It is hardly appropriate to go shopping when you have two really active children who are looking to spend their energy running around. Oftentimes, shopping with young children will end in frustration – both on the parents and the children.

Young children might appreciate the space in parks and the great outdoors since they will have the chance to run around and have fun the way they like it. As parents, we would very much prefer our children enjoying themselves on a day out instead of crying inside a shopping mall. That is why we have compiled this list of community parks that you can bring your children for a fun-filled day.

1) Bishan Park
Located in the north, Bishan Park is at the junction of Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. It stretches far into Ang Mo Kio and houses plenty of walking paths, bridges, ponds and lawns for your little ones. There are also many playgrounds within Bishan Park where you can let your little ones play while you rest on the nearby benches.

One of the feature playgrounds is the Water Playground. If you intend to let your children enjoy this playground, do remember to bring towels and a change of clothes. Otherwise, you can bring your children to the Ponds Garden, where there is a tower completed with slides for children to climb.

2) Tiong Bahru Park
Tiong Bahru Park is located nearer to the centre of Singapore. The adventure playground here houses a huge train that is bound to delight all children who are in love with Thomas the Train.

This is not the only attraction though. The playground also boosts slides of different heights, tunnels, swings, a merry-go-round, a maze and plenty of ride-on cars. Your little ones will definitely enjoy themselves to the fullest. However, do keep an eye on your younger ones as they might fall while climbing the train.

3) Changi Village Playground
Heading East, we have a secret to let on to you. There is a playground at the back of Changi Village. It is a rare 3 level playground full of slides, poles, and climbing areas as it is one of the older playgrounds in Singapore. It is perfect for your little ones who are raring to run everywhere just to expend their energy. For the parents, you can take a rest at the benches nearby while watching out for your children.

4) Watten Estate Park
This is located near to the West in Bukit Timah area – the Watten Estate Park is a hidden gem full of shade. Younger children can play on the normal assembly of slides, swings and sand while the older children can play on the flying fox and the webbed structure. The good deal about this park is the shade for mummies and daddies while they watched their children play.

After exploring some of the smaller parks, we will touch on the 2 bigger parks located in the east and west of Singapore. Both of them have their attractiveness that make parents bring their children back there again and again.

5) East Coast Park
East Coast Park is a familiar name to most Singaporeans since most of us grow up with fond memories there. It is a mega park with 15 km of coastline. Take a walk or run with your children at the beach, build sandcastles, play volleyball, cycle and swim to your heart’s content. For the older children, you can consider letting them have a go at cable skiing and the other water sports available. There is also the Xtreme Skate Parks for skaters, and big green lawns for kite-flying. To complete the day, you can book a BBQ pit and have a mini BBQ with your children right in front of the beach.

6) West Coast Park
West Coast Park is lesser known to Singaporean but the people who stay in the West will agree that it is one of the best parks they have known and grow up with. It has a smaller area compared to East Coast Park, but it compensates the space by having a big adventure play area. The area consists of a pirate ship playground, flying foxes, climbing ropes, and a giant pyramid for climbing. The park is also a great area for your little ones to run around as it is usually quieter than East Coast Park. Your children can also fly a kite, rent a bike or even have a go on the go-kart circuit.

So there you have it, the 6 community parks that are worth visiting in Singapore. As a note of caution, do remember that these parks are usually with little or no shade, so prepare the sunblock and water to keep you and your children hydrated.