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5 Interesting Christmas Activities you can do to Bond with your Children

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Christmas is the best time of the year to bond with your children. The festive mood puts everyone in a happy buzz and work commitments during this period is usually lower. The extra time together as a family is a perfect chance to close the gap and bond closely with your children.

Here are 5 Christmas-related activities you can do to bond with your children.

Make Christmas Tree Ornaments
Putting up a Christmas tree is likely on your list already, so we are not going to mention that. Did you think about making your personalised ornaments for the tree? Making simple decoration with your children to hang on the tree is a perfect craft date that will help to bond you and your children. Buy some felt and glue at Spotlight and have a go in creating something special for your Christmas tree. If you want it to be extra special, put the date on the ornament so that your kids can look back at their creations in future.

Cook your favourite food with your children
Cooking is always a great way to bond with the children, especially if it is something they love. Think of the one food that you like during Christmas when you were a child, and cook that dish together with your children if they are old enough to handle the kitchen. If they are too young to do that, prepare the meal and share it with them during Christmas period. Tell them why you love the dish and ask them what they will like you to cook for them.

Make a “Grateful Year Book”
The best way to teach your children how to be thankful and yet bond with them is to create a “Grateful Year Book” which the family can come together to fill it in. Allow your children to doodle or write what they are thankful for the year, and you do the same. Date the year carefully so that all of you can look back at the book in future and share memories about the happy times together.

Visit Orchard Road or Gardens by the Bay
There are always light shows in Singapore during Christmas period. Two of the most famous ones are along Orchard Road and in Gardens by the Bay. Bring your children for a stroll along Orchard Road to admire the lights, and they can also pick out some gifts for their friends and the rest of the family. Alternatively, bring the kiddos to Gardens by the Bay and enjoy the festive atmosphere, beautiful decorations and uplifting Christmas tunes.

Christmas theme movie night
If you are the kind of parents who are paranoid about losing our children in the crowds like we are, you will enjoy a Christmas themed movie night at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Microwave some popcorn (or buy some at the cinema near you), choose the kids’ favourite Christmas movie (you can rent them or just download them from legalised sources), put on the Christmas hats and enjoy the show together! To make things more festive, make some root beer floats to up the notch!