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4 Income Streams for Stay-At-Home Single Mums

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Single mums who need to stay at home to care for their children for some reasons are one of the bravest people we ever known. These superheroes mums often depend on their families and the maintenance fees from their ex-spouses or earn a living through jobs that they can do at home.

What are some of these income streams that stay-at-home single mums can look into? Let’s find out.

1) Home Tutor / Home Music Tutor

Tutoring is one of the biggest industry involving children in Singapore and one in which many stay-at-home mums can tap into. Not every tutor go to their student’s house; some tutors get students to go to their house by charging lesser for lessons; others because they have a fantastic reputation.

If you are just starting out, we would suggest that you advertise in family forums and also stick little notices at some NTUC Fairprice outlets which allow you to do so. You can also advertise in job sites such as Gumtree.com to spread the word. Importantly, let your family and friends know, so that they can look out for you.

2) Virtual Assistant (VA)

VA is getting really popular these days because most small business owners need someone to handle their administrative tasks but do not have the capacity to hire. Therefore, a viable way to handle this gap is to outsource it to virtual assistants – freelancers who help them with various administrative tasks. As a stay-at-home mum, you can work as a VA as long as you have a laptop / desktop computer, internet connection and decent administrative skills such as writing reports, data entry, making Power Point presentation, typing meeting minutes, etc.

If you are keen to do this, advertise your skills on websites such as Freelancer.com and Gumtree.com where small business owners normally go to search for the right person to handle their work.

3) Translator

If you are literate in anything besides English, you can easily work as a translator. As translation services are always in need, especially for technical writing or business proposals. Many companies need one-off translations; others may have a constant need for translations for their instructions booklets or brochures. Most of the work involved translation from English to Mandarin, Japanese or Bahasa Indonesia, so it will be very handy if you know any of these languages well enough to do translation.

Again, advertising your services on Freelancer.com or Gumtree.com will help you to gain some exposure.

4) Home Baker

Lastly, there is the home baker. Before you get really excited on this one, we must warn you that you need to get a license from the National Environment Agency (NEA) to bake and sell food from your house. Nonetheless, there are people who bake at home and sell their wares especially during the festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Christmas. This can be something which stay-at-home single mums can look into during the festivals to earn more money to buy the necessary things for the children and the home.

You will need to depend on your network of family and friends to succeed on this one as most of your customers will be family and friends. Nonetheless, you can get your friends to buy from you at a lower price and resell the baked goods for a higher price so that you can build awareness for your baking business.

We hope that you will find something here that is worth looking into and elevate some financial burden while working from home.