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Is It Wise to be a Mompreneur with Limited Resources?


Mompreneurs seem to have an easy time. They get to work whenever they want, do whatever they want, and those who are moms get to spend time with their children at home. Have you ever think that way? Do you want to become a mompreneur as well but are afraid because of having limited resources?

It is common for moms to say that they want to stay at home to be with the children while they are growing up, but it is a luxury that few moms can genuinely afford to. Most moms who stayed home are not just housewives; these moms are business owners, in one way or another.

If you are a single mom, becoming a mompreneur may be the solution to your problem. You get a business to run, money to earn and time to stay at home to look after the children. However, we urge you to think deeper into this obvious solution before taking the plunge.

Here’s why.

1. Mompreneurs need to work around the clock
Starting a business is harder than you think. You will first need to have an idea of what you want to do. Next, you need to know if your target customer is interested in what you want to offer. Besides these two critical points, you need to work around the clock. Sure, you can have a scheduling system and get someone to help out, but, ultimately, you need to sacrifice your me-time to work on your business. It is like having an extra baby.

The way to get around this challenge is to set up a strict schedule for yourself. Allocate time for everything. You decide when you want to work on your business. The best time is when your children are in school or having their afternoon naps. Whatever that you cannot complete will have to wait until the children are asleep at night. If you can work out such a schedule, you may have a good chance of making your business successful.

2. Your children may not understand
If you have been working out of the house and having someone look after your children, it will be tempting to start spending more time with your children once you quit the day job and work from home. Your children can get used to that, and if you decided to start allocating time for your business, they might not understand why. It can be stressful for you if your children demand for your time and your business needs you at the same time. Staying focus in this situation is impossible.

One way to resolve this challenge is to start part-time. That may be tough if you have to juggle a day job, your part-time business start-up and taking care of your children. However, starting part-time means that your children have a good idea of what you are planning to do. It helps them to assimilate into the new schedule that you will set up, and older children can even be tasked to help you with simple duties for the household.

3. You have limited resources for the business
Money is the root of the problem in many small businesses. You need to check if you have enough resources to start a business and sustain it for at least six months to a year without getting paid. This is on top of your daily expenses and your children’s expenses. Let’s not forget additional costs for emergencies too.

The best way to get around this challenge is to seek personal investments from your family and friends. These investments do not need to be just money. In fact, any form of resources is good for you and your business. It can be money, volunteers to help you with business functions or even someone who will work for free in the initial months.

While there is no absolute answer to the question of whether a mom should become a mompreneur when she has limited resources, you can take a good look at your resources and decide if it is worth taking the risk. Importantly, make sure that you have a good business idea and you can take it to great heights if you can resolve the challenges involved!