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Top Divorce Lawyers in Singapore – What to Look Out for

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When couples enter tie the knot, seldom will the thought of going into the marriage with an “exit plan” ever cross their mind. They work things out and sort out times of adversity, with communication as key. However, there are instances where parties’ irreconcilable differences take a toll on the relationship and it all heads downhill in no time.

Family lawyers in Singapore, see divorce being increasingly common – yet it remains a difficult topic to confront or come to terms with when parties have given their all during the marriage.

Where divorce is inevitable, amidst the state of confusion and despair one might feel, it would be best to engage a top divorce lawyer who can handle your matter with care and empathy.

Here are some characteristics to recognise in top divorce lawyers of Singapore.

Affordability: A top divorce lawyer will consider the clientele’s financial position and remain considerate to their budget. A good divorce lawyer will always encourage you to consider mediation first as not only it is more financially friendly than proceeding to trial, it also reduces animosity between parties.

Empathy: Family lawyers are often described as having ‘hearts of steel’ but this position is arguable and might not be an accurate representation. An experienced divorce lawyer is empathetic and able to put his/herself in the shoes of the clientele and understand his/her clientele’s position.

After all, everyone has their own story to be told.

Reality-Checking: A top divorce lawyer is more than being a mouthpiece for their clientele – a top divorce lawyer reminds a client to put their children’s best interest and welfare at the forefront. While this might appear logical to many, many family lawyers often see the contrary where parties’ relationship are extremely acrimonious.

In such an event, a child’s best interest is often relegated to the sideline as parties allow their personal vendetta to take precedence.

Initial Consultation: A top divorce lawyer will understand the importance of an initial consultation as it is akin to beginner’s tool kit for parties who are considering divorce and yet are unsure of where to begin. Thereafter, parties will have a clearer picture as to which divorce route they wish to proceed on.

Good Singapore Divorce lawyers will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary 30 minutes consultation to explain the divorce process in Singapore.

Art of Listening: It is imperative that you have clear communication with your divorce lawyer. You should be able to effectively understand the different stages of the divorce, express your concerns and expectations to a lawyer who can listen before properly clarifying all information regarding your case.

Qualities of Good Divorce Lawyers:

  • Good communicators who listen to your needs and have more than one option
  • Guide you to consider & decide the course of action by showing the big picture
  • Explain the law and how it relates to your particular situation
  • Offer you alternative dispute resolution avenues to save you time and money (Mediation & Collaborative Divorce)
  • Not afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear
  • Give you a realistic assessment on the chances of achieving your desired result