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Top 5 Cities that you can Visit with your Children without Breaking your Pocket Big Time

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Travelling with children can be both a joy and a pain in the arse. This is especially true when it comes to the budget. Children demand certain things which as parents, we cannot run away from. For example, younger children require a hotel with decent food and a clean water source. Travelling plans also need to be tailored for the younger children as certain activities such as hiking or exciting water sports cannot be planned. Ultimately, family-friendly travels limit the places that you can go and you will end up in cities, doing what is depressingly similar to Singapore – shopping! While it is not always a bad thing, we can make travelling more fun if more activities can be added.

Here are 5 cities which you can go and have more fun than just shopping.

Manila, Philippines
Manila is one of our favourite spots because it is clean and safe for our child. While traffic may not behave most of the time, we managed to get along relatively well. The Philippines is relatively affordable and it is quite a child-friendly location. Flight ticket starts from around $200 per pax on a budget plane. Of course, you should still stay alert where your children are concerned. Check out the Intramuros (in the oldest part of Manila) and Chinatown (yes, there is one in Manila) and share the awe of these places with your children.

Yangon, Myanmar
Yangon is well-known as a cosmopolitan city in Myanmar and one which a family with young children can safely travel to. A flight to Yangon is less than $150 per pax and hotels are not expensive. Importantly, you get clean hotels with good facilities where you can be assured of quality food and water. Check out beautiful temples, local markets and the jade market, where you can pick up quality jade pieces at really affordable prices. Just make sure to keep your children near when visiting the jade market.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The capital of Vietnam is a modern city where you can bring your children to without spending too much. Food, lodging and attractions are all cheap there. The flight over to HCMC slightly over $100/pax in off-peak season and you get to enjoy good food at less than $5/meal. You can choose to visit war museums, tunnels and temples to rough it out or choose the easier way and visit Bitexco Tower and Sky Deck for an amazing view of the city.

Kuching, Malaysia
East Malaysia is not as popular as west Malaysia when it comes to travelling but Kuching is a great place for a family trip. With just $40 per pax to fly from Singapore to Kuching, it is really a great deal. Besides, you get to chill out in kelongs and eat fresh seafood all day long. Your children can get up close and personal with wildlife at Kuching too.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Ditch Genting Highlands. It is too commonplace. Consider Cameroon Highlands instead. It could be a little tough for younger children as you need to take a 10-hour bus ride up to the highlands, but it is a perfect spot for children above 5 years old. Clean resorts await you once you reach the Highlands and you can spend the days any way you like. The best part about this place is the temperature. Escape scorching hot weather in Singapore and enjoy the cooling temperature there! Visit the strawberry gardens if your children are fond of them. You can pick them directly from the garden for a fee, but the experience is well worth the money.