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Surviving Divorce


When we marry we all want the forever fairy-tale.

Unfortunately many marriages fail and, rather than a fairy-tale, you might find yourself living a nightmare!


Much emphasis is placed on the legal aspect of divorce. This involves:

  • the distribution of property
  • the custody of children
  • financial support
  • keeping the peace.

To achieve the best results you should consult a good divorce lawyer who who specialises in the field of family law in order to:

  • create safety and financial security for yourself and your children
  • make ends meet in a new lifestyle
  • be able to live within your new level of income

There is, however, another side to the whole process which is not as immediately obvious.

This involves the emotional side of starting your life over again.

  • It means separating your life and identity from another person
  • Helping your children to cope with this new life.
  • Ending one life and starting another.

How you are coping emotionally can affect the practical outcome of your divorce

If you are to make sound decisions it is vitally important that you be able to deal with the turmoil of you and your spouse’s inner feelings. There may be guilt, overwhelming sadness, confusion, denial, fear and anxiety – just to name a few.

Other people such as friends and family members may take sides and this can add even more tension.

Statistics show that during a divorce you are at risk of becoming ill or having an accident. It is vital that you take care of your emotional well-being and learn some relaxation strategies.

Obviously if children are involved this is of even greater importance as you have to think of them as well as yourself.

Although it may seem unbelievable at the moment, over time, you will learn from this experience. This episode in your life can help you to develop a balanced view of yourself, your ex-spouse, your marriage and create self-confidence and openness to new intimate relationships.