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Duty of a Parent According to the Law in Singapore


Do you know that the law in Singapore sets out the rights and duty expected of parents under the Women’s Charter? It is important to know that the duty of a parent is stipulated in the law of Singapore and being aware of what the law says is important to any parent. This becomes more crucial if you are considering a divorce.

Let us look at what the law says about the duty of a parent.

Section 46 (1) of the Women’s Charter sets out the rights and duty expected of parents in this way:

Upon the solemnization of marriage, the husband and the wife shall be mutually bound to co-operate with each other in safeguarding the interests of the union and in caring and providing for the children.

In this short but powerful statement, the law of Singapore set out 2 objectives with regards to children.

  1. The Law requires that all married couples must regard their marriage as an equal and cooperative partnership in which their different efforts must come together for mutual benefits. In other words, it means that a spouse should always act in a reasonable manner that fully respect the other and their relationship.
  2. The Law also requires that if the couple become parents, they must co-operate with each other as best as they can be and always act with the best interest of their child. The duty of parents is to always protect and advocate the best interest of their child, even at the expense of the parent’s interests. The parents also have the duty to co-operate with each other and work towards the child’s best interests in every situation.

The duty of the parent cannot be taken lightly because it will be taken into consideration during divorce proceedings in Singapore. The Family Court normally will take your involvement in your child’s life as part of its consideration when it is granting child custody, care and control of the child, access to the child as well as child support and maintenance.

When you are considering a divorce, it is crucial to keep this in mind. The best way to proceed is to seek the advice of an experienced matrimonial lawyer practising in Singapore. The lawyer will be in the best position to answer all your questions and provide you with more information on the divorce proceedings in Singapore. A specialist family lawyer will also be able to advice on the different type of avenues you can take – contested divorce, uncontested/amicable divorce or collaborative divorce. Your lawyer will be able to answer your concerns regarding to child custody, child support and maintenance, division of matrimonial assets as well as any other concerns that you may have.