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8 Exciting Events to Bring Your Children for Some Fun in the Month of July

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July means the start of a new school term. With new challenges facing the children, they are going to need a break now and then. What’s better than bringing your children out on the weekends for fun activities to relax?

We have curated 8 exciting events that are happening in July just for you and your children. Check them out below!

1) Yayoi Kusama Art Exhibition @ National Gallery Singapore

This famous art exhibition is suitable for the whole family because Ms Yayoi Kusama paints such colourful, vivid pictures and sculptures. Housed in the National Art Gallery, children will be amazed to find out that art is not all boring still-life pictures. Creativity starts from young and this is definitely one of the great avenues to get your children interested in art and creativity.

Now till 03 September
Sun – Thu & Public Holiday: 10 am – 7 pm
Fri – Sat & Eve of Public Holiday: 10 am – 10 pm
National Gallery of Singapore

2) Children Biennale @ National Gallery Singapore

Similarly housed in the National Gallery Singapore, the Children Biennale is a celebration of art through the eyes of children and those who are young at heart. The exhibition is designed to spin dreams and stories out of the everyday life, inviting both adults and children to step into an imaginary world to start a journey of exploration.

Now till 08 August
Sun – Thu & Public Holiday: 10 am – 7 pm
Fri – Sat & Eve of Public Holiday: 10 am – 10 pm
National Gallery of Singapore

3) Imaginarium: To the Ends of The Earth

Following the theme of art, this exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum expose children to a different sort of world. Encouraging children to imagine a world that is different, this exhibition talks about how humans, animals and plants change and adapt as the world changes. It brings important matters such as global warming to the forefront using creative ways to engage children of all ages.

Now till 27 August
Sat-Thu 10 am-7 pm 
Fri- 10 am-9 pm
Singapore Art Museum

4) Playeum’s ‘Making It Home’

Younger children love interactive games and exhibitions. Playeum’s ‘Making It Home’ is an interactive exhibition that teaches children about their home and encourages them to live their dreams. Children get to see how the rooms in the home changes as time passes, and how their actions influence the changes. Children also get to role-play in the “house” and build an idea of their own future using physical movable cubes that are safe for them.

Now till 29 October
Tue-Sun 10 am-6 pm
Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity
Gillman Barracks #01-23

5) The Universe and Art Exhibition

This exhibition at the ArtScience Museum explores the link between the universe and art. It is an educational exhibition in which both parents and children alike can marvel at the beautiful art pieces and contemplate the differences and similarities of the universe and art. This is especially suitable for older children who have a keen interest in either art or science.

Now till 30 July
10am to 6pm
ArtScience Museum

6) Pesta Ubin

The great outdoor is always a favourite with children as they get to run and spend their boundless energy. For the month of July, bring the children to Pulau Ubin for a day of fun as Singapore celebrates Pesta Ubin, the annual month-long celebration of Pulau Ubin. This festival aims to draw people’s attention to what they can do on Pulau Ubin. Activities such as nature walks, camping and experiencing kampong life are all part of the festival and are fantastic activities for both parents and children to bond.

Now till 16 July
No time restriction, but please be mindful of ferry timings
Pulau Ubin

7) Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel

If your family has yet to visit Goodwood Park Hotel for their delectable durian buffet, now is the time to go before it ends! Hosted at the Coffee Lounge of Goodwood Park Hotel, the buffet offers a range of tempting durian pastries along with regular desserts. Some of the greatest creation to grace the buffet are the all—new D24 Matcha Cake, the D24 Durian puff, and the D24 Donut which is an exclusive to the buffet. After the buffet, you can also bring home something new such as the Mao Shan Wang Starry Starry Night Ice Cream Cake (from $13).

Now till 31 July
Buffet available between 12 to 2pm and 6-10.30pm
Goodwood Park Hotel

8) Singapore Food Festival 2017

Food is Singapore’s best offer to both its local residents and tourists. The Singapore Food Festival 2017 is coming back again in July. Packed with sensational food from local culture to proud tradition, you can find a curation of local favourites all under one roof! Introduce your children to traditional food or bring them on a culinary journey to experience the food of other cultures. They are sure to enjoy the good food, fun activities and great music. It will be a blast for the whole family!

14 – 31 July
Various timings
Various locations

Find out more at https://www.visitsingapore.com/editorials/get-set-for-sff-2017.html