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Hiring the Right Divorce lawyer made Easy.

hiring a divorce lawyer

This article is a guide to give you essential tips on

how to find and hire the right divorce lawyer.

Look for a law firm specialising in divorce.

The right experienced divorce lawyer can make a massive difference in the impact and outcome of your case.

“You should know that cheap divorce packages go out the window when a divorce becomes contested.”

Glossy cheap online divorces may tempt you only to discover this fact too late and suffer the consequences.

Experience is not cheap, especially when your and that of the future of your loved ones is at stake.

Often, generalist lawyers are not always updated with the latest legal trends or have the correct number of legal assistants to assist in your case.

For example, your divorce case may require specialised information from multiple areas, including international divorce, child custody, and high-conflict divorce.

Working with a specialist divorce law firm can compose a team of matrimonial lawyers who have the relevant expertise to handle all aspects of your case at the highest level of knowledge and efficiency.

Responsiveness and transparency in divorce fees.

Before you proceed to hire a divorce lawyer, understand how they will maintain contact with you and the charges applicable for their professional services.

Have a firm understanding of how the firm handles billing and how often bills are collected.

The letter of engagement or warrant to act is the first step in establishing a professional relationship with the client. It should include the following details:

  • Your name, personal information and contact details
  • The matter for which your lawyer is acting for you and the scope of their work
  • The Warrant to Act
  • The fee schedule (each stage of the divorce process)
  • The initial deposit to be paid before your lawyer starts work (if any)
  • The terms upon which the appointment of your lawyer may be terminated, whether by yourself or by your lawyers.

A divorce lawyer who understands the complexities of your case

Address all potential issues and scenarios in your case before your first meeting so you can address them with the lawyer.

Understand where you stand; if you have children, your lawyer should have years of experience handling child-related issues such as custody, visitation rights, and child support.

Suppose you hold sizeable financial, real estate investments or are a business owner. In this scenario, you need a divorce lawyer with experience in handling complex financial issues.

“You should make sure your potential divorce lawyer has experience with the issues presented in your case.”

Come to your decision

  • You have done your homework!
  • You should have the feeling that your divorce lawyer is competent, experienced and responsive.