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Finding the Right Lawyer Amongst the Gimmicks of Flat Fees

divorce gimmicks

In this digital age, there is much competition among lawyers. As a result, ads can be tacky or, frankly, just embarrassing!

They are likely to succeed if they aim to attract as many clients as possible, but do they offer the quality representation you need for your case?

This type of gimmicky advertising should be avoided regarding divorce and family law. Choosing the right divorce lawyer is crucial to your future and your children’s future.

Divorce is complex, and you need experienced representation to guide you.

So, how do you look for the right divorce lawyer?

The Internet Search

Searching for “specialist divorce lawyers” or the “best divorce lawyers in Singapore” is not a good starting point.


Because in Singapore, no such accreditation is given to lawyers in family law. As far as the best divorce lawyer goes, any lawyer considering themselves as “best” clearly shows a high opinion of themselves.

The best practice is to type “Divorce Lawyer“.

Once the results appear, it is time to investigate further;

  • Have a good look at the information on the firm’s website.
  • Who are their lawyers?
  • Look at their profiles and establish their experience.
  • What are their practice areas?
  • How long have they been practising family law?
  • Do they have any awards or specific recognitions identified?
  • Do they have Family Mediation training?
  • What is their philosophy about family law?
  • Do they have a high number of lawyers? This ensures you can have a team of divorce lawyers with varied experience.
  • Has the firm received recognition from the Family Justice Courts?

Divorce Fees

Beware of gimmicks when searching the net for divorce fees!

Only uncontested divorce packages are subject to flat rate fees. However, when the simple uncontested divorce becomes contested, the costs can quickly escalate due to your spouse disagreeing with your terms. Now it’s not so simple.

Has the law firm discussed fees and price ranges if your divorce becomes contested?

Importance of a Letter of Engagement

The first step in engaging a family lawyer is to sign a Letter of Engagement, which specifies the terms of the engagement. In addition, it defines the business relationship between you and your lawyer.

Letters of Engagement should include the following information:

  • Your name, personal information, and contact details
  • Describe the matter for which your lawyer is representing you and the scope of their work
  • The Warrant to Act
  • The fee schedules
  • Payment of the initial deposit before your lawyer starts work
  • The terms upon which the appointment of your lawyer may be terminated, whether by yourself or your lawyers.

Letters of Engagement are important documents indicating the lawyer’s practice duties and the estimated costs and time involved in representing you.

Google Reviews

According to research, 57% of consumers read reviews on Google.

Is using Google as a review platform something you should consider?

In recent years, fake accounts, paid endorsements, and enticed reviews have become increasingly popular.

Negative reviews are not always accurate since sometimes opposing parties are angry when a lawyer achieves a successful outcome for their clients, so read carefully!
Don’t let a review stop you from contacting a lawyer you think will be a good fit. After meeting them, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

In conclusion, the most important thing is to find a caring divorce lawyer who charges reasonable fees, has a reasonable retainer, and follows transparent billing practices.