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8 Important Reasons why you Should Never use a Cheap Family Lawyer

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When you are facing divorce, the most important person who can help you to get the best possible outcome is your experienced family lawyer. During such a difficult period, it is tempting to hire a lawyer who offers you a cheap rate but it is practical to check his or her credentials before handing over the cheque. As a rule of thumb, you should never choose a lawyer based on cost; rather you need to establish his or her experiences when choosing the best divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Here are 8 reasons why you should never use a cheap family lawyer.

1) They do not have a lot of experience

The reason they come cheap is likely because they are not experienced. Lawyers who are not experienced in the field of family law may not be able to solve your issues completely. A cheap divorce lawyer may be good at filing your claims but be completely clueless when it comes to fighting custody. In order to ensure that your Singapore divorce lawyer can fix all your issues, it is important to find one who is experienced in resolving any issues pertaining to your case.

2) They usually have low success rate

Settling a divorce in court usually means that you cannot resolve your differences through a collaborative divorce or mediation. Hiring a cheap family lawyer increases the risk of not getting the best possible outcome for your situation because he or she has a low success rate. If they fail in the courtroom, you will potentially lose more. Hence, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is always practical.

3) They cannot cover all cases

Cheap family lawyers are usually only good in some cases. For example, a cheap lawyer specialising in amicable divorce cases may not be able to cover a case when one of the spouse is passive-aggressive. On the other hand, experienced family lawyers in Singapore have completed many cases and seen many unique ones. He or she will be able to help you find the right solution to your individual case.

4) They may not have good reputation

Another important reason why you should not focus on cost is the fact that cheap family lawyers may not have good reputation. It could be that they are always losing cases, or that they are not able to present your point of view accurately. When you go through a divorce, the emotional stress is high and the important thing that you need is an experienced matrimonial lawyer whom you can depend on to get you through the process quickly and smoothly.

5) They may not give their all when presenting your case

It is important to find the best divorce lawyers to represent you in court so that you can have a positive outcome to your case. Cheap family lawyers may not give their all when they are presenting your case because they are likely focused on getting through your case quickly so that they can collect the lawyer’s fees. These lawyers earn through quantity and not quality, hence you might not get the best representation that you deserve to have.

6) They do not have quality service

When it comes to dissolving your marriage, it is important to select a divorce lawyer who can provide quality service to you. Cheap divorce lawyers are not as well-versed and hence may not have all the answers to your questions. Evaluate the service quality of the lawyer by discussing your case with them. You can usually differentiate the experienced divorce lawyers from the inexperienced ones through the discussion.

7) They may not provide the best legal advice

Being inexperienced, cheap family lawyers may not provide you with the best legal advice pertaining to your issues during the divorce proceedings. You could potentially end up in a disastrous situation in which your result is the worst possible outcome, such as losing your child custody, or your matrimonial home. Experienced divorce lawyers, on the other hand, will be able to advice you on your potential success rates and help you to obtain the best possible result.

8) They do not have the necessary connections to seek help quickly

Cheap family lawyers can be novices in the industry and do not have the necessary connections to seek help for their cases when they need it. For example, a case of an abused spouse seeking a divorce may need the lawyer to seek access to certain medical reports. Without the right connections, the lawyer might probably need to wait for the reports to come in through the court. On the other hand, an experienced lawyer who has the connections in the right places can speed up the process.

Therefore, when you are looking for a good divorce lawyer in Singapore, do not just compare cost. Select the lawyer based on his or her experience, type of cases handled and how comfortable you are when talking to him or her about your case.